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Kitchens are more than just rooms where food is prepared; they are gathering places, entertainment centers, and places where family memories are made. Outfitting your kitchen with new kitchen cabinets is an investment that will serve your family well for years to come. Because your kitchen cabinets will be a prominent feature and used extensively for many years, perhaps generations, investing in quality cabinetry makes sense. Jeanine Johnson and the entire Distinguished Cabinets staff specialize in providing quality kitchen cabinets designed to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Jeanine Johnson helps Florida homeowners design functional and stylish recliners that match the individual’s personal style as well as stays in tune with the home’s architectural style. If you live in Palm Beach, Florida or in one of the communities spanning from Boca Raton to Port St. Lucia, you are sure to be impressed with Distinguished Cabinets’ inspired cabinetry installations. Jeanine and her team will work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams!

What do you want out of your kitchen cabinets? Form? Function? Jeanine Johnson believes that you can have both! At we can turn any room into romantic getaway or a cosy nest for you and your partner.

Kitchen Cabinets as a Style Statement
During your initial consultation, Jeanine Johnson will assess your kitchen space with an eye on both form and function. She will note your home’s architectural style and ask you about your preferences. Design choices such as modern or traditional will be discussed as well as your thoughts on glass inserts, finishes, embellishments, soffits, open storage, and other visual elements. This part of the kitchen cabinet design process is fun for homeowners and Jeanine Johnson alike as your imagination coupled with Jeanine’s expertise come together and eventually lead to a stunning kitchen centerpiece. 

Among the decisions you will need to make is wood choice. The type of wood you select will affect the overall feel of the cabinet design. For example, cherry wood can lend a more traditional look to your home while birch adds a more contemporary look. If you’re looking for a homier look, oak may be the better choice. In addition to wood choice, you will need to select a finish as wood stains further define the cabinets’ appearance. If this sounds like a lot to figure out, that’s okay because Jeanine Johnson works with you, making the design process feel nearly effortless.

Kitchen Cabinets as Furniture
While the kitchen cabinets must be visually appealing, they must also perform. Jeanine will evaluate the current layout of the kitchen and recommend a cabinet design that fits into your lifestyle. Quality materials and craftsmanship are built into the design as Jeanine Johnson uses KraftMaid built-to-order custom cabinetry solutions. Not only will your cabinets be beautiful and functional, they will be built to last.

Jeanine Johnson serves homeowners and works with contractors throughout the greater Palm Beach area. If you live in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm City, North River Shores, Port St. Lucie, or any other community in the general vicinity, contact Jeanine Johnson today for a kitchen cabinetry consultation.   


From The Blog

06th February 2019

How to Choose Deep Fryers for Your Kitchen


Fried meat, fried potatoes, chips, fried fish, fried vegetables, they are all to die for. And you can easily whip them up with a handy deep fryer.

It is not common to find the best deep fryers in a home kitchen, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment especially if you’re into fried snacks or hosting parties. Whichever the case, you need a deep fryer that serves your needs and also easy for you to use. It’s a great way to upgrade your kitchen and your gastronomic experience in general. Your family and friends would all the more love hanging out at home with this indulging addition around.

03th February 2019

Choosing Disposable Tableware For Your Kitchen


You may think that using any tableware is not important. Think again. Choosing tableware for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even picnics at parks are of equal importance when choosing the menu to serve. And with these occasions in mind, many are turning to use disposable tableware. Not only are they easy and convenient to use, but they also spare you from cleaning since all you have to do is throw them away after use. Here is a Gode engangsservice tilbud if you are looking for the same.

However, there are two key factors that you should consider in choosing the best disposable tableware for your kitchen. One of which is the production of these wares and the other is their effect on the environment.

31th January 2019

Steps to Remove a Wall Cabinet and Install Shelf Brackets


Wall cabinets in our homes are becoming outdated. Open shelf brackets have in turn taken over in our current generation. Many people are removing wall cabinets from their kitchen and replacing them with open shelf brackets. We must need to take help from piano movers Toronto because this is something which we can’t do yourself. The update of our kitchen is brought about by the need of modernized open shelving that creates an avenue for freshness.

The two types of outdated kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are of two types:

29th January 2019

Reasons to Hire a Professional Kitchen Designer


Having your own home is surely one of the biggest achievements you can ever have. After acquiring your new home, the next thing you should start thinking about is your home’s overall design and find their review about the home design. Every part of your home should be planned out in such a way that it exudes your personality and preferences. Your kitchen is one of the main parts of the house you should do right.

Since the kitchen is where guests flock and food is prepared, make sure that the designs integrated are neat looking and attractive. In order to achieve such, you must hire a kitchen designer to get the best quality design for your food preparation corner.

26th January 2019

Serving Kratom Tea in the Kitchen: Is It Safe?


Kratom tea comes from the leaves of Kratom tree, which is found in Southeast Asia. In tropical countries like Malaysia and Thailand, they make use of Kratom in traditional medicine, you can get the best kratom capsules if you like it this way. However, others ingest it for recreational use.

Kratom tea is made from the leaves of Kratom plant, which is now becoming more and more popular. While others opt to drink the said plant, there are also people who prefer to swallow it in solid form – leaves are dried, crushed into powder, and placed inside a capsule.

While the aforementioned has become a popular choice nowadays, is it really safe to serve this famous tea in the kitchen?

20th January 2019

DIY Hair Remedies From The Kitchen

DIY Hair Remedies

Hair plays a vital role in making us look presentable. We cut it stylishly using najlepsza prostownica or curling irons, add serum to tame those stubborn strands, and dye it just to keep up with the trend. What we are unaware of is that too much beautifying of the hair can be bad due to the exposure of heat and harsh chemicals. While weather condition can affect the quality of the hair, using heat or chemicals can hasten its breakage.

Going to salons and trying out products that claim to keep hair healthy can be expensive, hassle, and even risky since there are certain chemicals, which your hair and skin would react to. Instead of spending on expensive items, you can start using hair remedies from the kitchen that can help your hair keep its shine and strength. Here are some of the kitchen products you can utilize to remedy your hair:

10th January 2019

Chefs Using The Marijuana Drug To Create A New Kitchen Culture


Would you have believed that Marijuana has found its root in the kitchen? It is no longer a secret after a detailed review on payspi, a number of chefs infuse Marijuana into drinks and foods to give them better and unique tastes, and many are loving it!

Marijuana is legal in some countries while in other countries, it’s illegal. Where not allowed, restaurants have to prepare it while hiding from authorities that might cancel their licenses if caught. It’s basically the kind of herb that not only adds flavor to your meal but also makes you get arrested.

Many workers often use cannabis induced food to focus well on their chores.

13th January 2019

Playing Darts in the Kitchen


We all know that the popular game of darts is mostly played in pubs or bars. However, did you know that it can be played at home? Of course, it can be played at home. Darts, after all, is a very flexible and chill game so anyone can play it anywhere and anytime.

However, just recently, it has been said that top rated darts can be even played in the kitchen! While there are no rules that say that darts are not allowed in the kitchen, we can’t help but think that it’s kind of silly to put it in a place where cooking is involved. The good news is that it’s not as absurd as it sounds. In fact, it’s even encouraged. Why? Well, aside from it being entertaining, darts in the kitchen is perfect when you’re cooking and are waiting for your food to finish cooking. It’s convenient and time-efficient.

This is particularly advantageous for the ladies at home.

18th December 2018

Is the Kitchen Dead? -- The Rise of Home Meal Delivery Services

Home Meal Delivery Services

This generation has a great appetite for home meal delivery. The invest bank UBS published a lengthy report about the increase in food ordering sales online in a global setting. According to their report, the delivery services sales will increase from a yearly average of $35 billion to $365 billion by 2030.

The survey also showed that restaurants such as McDonald and Buffalo wings which have signed up with apps such as Uber Eats have shown increased sales by almost a triple in just one year. It also showed that millennials are likely to use a delivery service like meal kit delivery service review three times as compared to their parents. The food delivery applications are included in the top most downloaded apps in the major markets. The UBS report painted a picture that in the year 2030, most of the meals that...

6th December 2018

Kitchen Cabinet and Storage Tips for Organized Home Cooking


Organizing your kitchen furniture can be a daunting and tiring task, but did you know that an organized kitchen can make your cooking life more simple and fun? An organized kitchen isn’t all about putting your dishes in a safe and organized place; it’s all about creating a much simpler system for your cooking routine. You might be surprised at how much an organized kitchen cabinet can make an impact in your daily cooking activity. for the inspiration you can check kitchen of sun basket, You can also use this sun basket discount coupon to save 50% on first orders and luxury food as well.

Having a well-maintained and organized kitchen will help you enjoy preparing your healthy home cooking. However, arranging your kitchen utensils and items is not an easy task. It can be a daunting experience if you don’t know where to start.

16th November 2018

Everything You Need to Know Before You Try Cooking with Cannabis Oil

Cooking with Cannabis Oil

"The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach." This is true to most men. But, the same is also applicable to some women. So, it is important that you know how to cook deliciously.

In cooking, you need to try different styles and techniques so that there is a delightful twist every time. The last thing you want in your menu is to have it dull, so try to experiment in the kitchen and learn new tasty recipes!

For starters, you can use CBD oil, an oil that contains cannabis extract. CBD oil is an exciting ingredient in any dish since it is a rather unique ingredient. Plus, medical and recreational marijuana is now being legalized in many states. So before deciding to use CBD oil, make sure that cannabis can be used in the state where you live in.

11th November 2018

Different Types of Ceiling Fans for Kitchens in the Singaporean Market

Using CBD in the Kitchen

With the multitude of benefits that it offers and countless positive testimonies behind it, the use of CBD, also known as Cannabidiol – the non-psychogenic component of marijuana that provides users with the soothing comfort that the drug is known for – for a wide variety of reasons has found popularity in recent years. CBD has been shaped into many digestible forms such as capsules, edibles and pills. However, CBD oil is getting more traction as anti pain oil for being a very customizable and multi-purpose form of CBD.

Previously, CBD oil was popularly praised for being an effective muscle reliever when rubbed on affected areas. Nowadays, CBD oil is used in cooking and baking. Though this sounds tricky and even dangerous, various accounts have proven that cooking and baking with the use of CBD oil is

15th September 2018

Different Types of Ceiling Fans for Kitchens in the Singaporean Market

Ceiling Fan

Investing in a ceiling fan for kitchens comes with several benefits. You will have your energy bills reduced significantly since you will not need a lot of air conditioning. In addition, a ceiling fan helps in getting rid of smoke that accumulates after cooking much easier. However, there are different types of ceiling fans available in the market, especially ceiling fans in Singapore. If you are looking for a ceiling fan for your kitchen, below are a few types from around the world that you can find in the Singaporean market. Ceiling Fan with Light Just as the name suggests, this ceiling fan is fitted with LED lighting kit, which makes it possible to light up a room. Cooking involves using sharp objects such as knives as well as fire. Thus, it requires to be well illuminated not forgetting the need to keep it cool. This type of fan allows you to enjoy both the light

20th August 2017

Our Guide To Choosing the Right Cutting Pan Size

Cutting Boards

Like with choose the correct cabinet sizes for your kitchen, picking out the right cutting pan size for your zero turn mower is not easy. It requires some special industry know how and some guide research. To help you through this process I will supply you with all the industry insight you need and the checklist required to complete your research. Like with choose the correct cabinet sizes for your kitchen, picking out the right cutting pan size for your zero turn mower is not easy. It requires some special industry know how and some guide research. To help you through this process I will supply you with all the industry insight you need and the checklist required to complete your research. Space To Cover Let’s start with one of the most important factors when deciding on the cutting deck, how large is the lawn you need to mow?

17th June 2017

Cabinets For the Bedroom

Cutting Boards

Bedroom is the most important place in your home you should maintain it properly and try to keep all the belongings on the right place. Wardrobe or cabinets help to keep all things on the right place, based on your requirement only you should choose it. It comes in different base like wood, aluminium and so on. Different colours of cabinet you can find in market, instead of going for the simple design one go for the trendy one to make your room look more attractive and complement the investment in your firm mattress. You can keep your clothes and other things inside it so that make your room more clean and spacious. Which one is suitable? Ready-Made cabinets also available in market instead of taking more time in making your own cabinet you can buy it. Many people feel that making their own wardrobe will save more money;